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The perfect destination for your diving holiday!

With more than 7.000 islands and located in the Coral Triangle: the Philippines is one of the best diving destinations in the world! The variety of marine life and dive scenes, combined with the Filipino hospitality, makes you want to come back for more!

Magic Resorts has 2 boutique dive resorts on 2 different islands, offering you the possibility to explore the 2 top dive locations of the country, all within the same ambiance and quality of service. From the XXL Whale Shark to the XXS Pygmy Seahorse.  Both resorts are cozy, with only a limited number of detached native-style bungalows, but have everything you need on spot. From an incredible house reef and complete dive center, to a bar and spa/massage area for some relaxing time above the water. Of course some sightseeing is possible to explore the beauty of the Philippines above the water!

Get the maximum out of one destination or double the fun by combining the 2 locations!